Greycat Digital's First Marketplace Listing

By: Sonali Mahanti
In: Digital Marketing
2024, june 26

The importance of collaborations on the digital marketing front

In today's world, digital marketing means more than just promoting services or products online. It is also about working with conscious business owners, promoting creativity, building intentional products & services while nurturing relationships and using technology to break through barriers. That is exactly what we believe in at Greycat.

Although we are registered in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh we are a remote first company that values work-life balance. We don't look over the shoulder of our team members and encourage them to take responsibility for their projects. We encourage creative minds and love risk-takers who come up with out-of-the box ideas. Most importantly, we are a company that believes in collaboration over competition.

Just having knowledge about market principles is no longer enough. You must have a deep understanding of market trends, modern day consumer psyche and what it truly means to have a customer centric approach. This fundamental belief is what sets Greycat Digital Apart from the herd.

You must wonder, as a remote first company, do we get clients? If so, how? Of course we do. In fact, all of our clients have become a part of our extended family. Even though we haven't met a lot of them in person, we know we have a home in their city of residence. We have conversations with our clients so often, sometimes we find it almost unbelievable that we have never met in person. The same goes for our team. Our team members span a global geography, which only brings together a versatile culture that enables each and every one of us to learn more, and gain more exposure. Being a remote first company has enabled Greycat to break physical barriers that could otherwise be impossible.

Greycat started out as a joke, and it just clicked. Through friends and family we got our first set of clients that have slowly multiplied over a period of time. Take note, we have never advertised till date. Through the process, we’ve been ripped off a ton. We’ve also been rewarded a ton. Our focus has always been on the learning experience of it all. Our work over the years has evolved organically and when we look back today, we could not be prouder of what we have accomplished. Our priorities over the years have slowly been shifting and as of 2024, we decided to make conscious steps to expand and target different geographies.

So for starters, we made the decision to focus our efforts on tapping into the US market. To support our ambition, we added an extension line of communication +1 732-212-7345 available with one of our team members Kandarp Singh Chauhan that handles IT Consulting for Greycat onto our website. Ironically, the very next day an associate Mr. Milo from Design Rush, a company based in Florida that has also expanded over the years, emailed us. For context, Design Rush is a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies. They connect qualified brands with verified agencies like Greycat Digital for different projects such as digital marketing, graphic design and e‑commerce website development.

We also discovered that some additional benefits of working listing with them include:

- They offer unlimited support to the agencies listed on their site. Their dedicated representatives help agencies build their profiles, upload content, offer technical support, and even provide personal email and phone support.

- They promote the agencies listed on their website on search engines, social media, email campaigns, display ads, through direct outreach, in press releases and more. You can check out more digital marketing terms to know.

- Their listing section makes it easy for brands to compare and select the right agency like Greycat Digital for their needs. Viewers can search agencies by categories, location, area of expertise, cost, team size, average hourly rates, clients, reviews, and more.

Our team at Greycat had a wonderful chat with them and discussed the benefits of listing on their platform. We in turn offered to write an exclusive blog post for them because we believe in mutual benefit. If it benefits us, it should definitely benefit you too. Through this simple act of collaboration, not only did we add more value to their already existing portfolio, but also helped them in expanding their overall database.

On the other hand, this collaboration helped Greycat Digital lend more credibility while contributing to our goals of spreading our wings to reach different markets. Additionally, it led to increased optimization for both our company pages.

More importantly, the experience of collaborating and interacting with their team has been truly genuine. This reiterated our fundamental belief that geographical barriers cannot stand in the way of us working together.

The bottom line?

A little competition doesn't bother us. We love working with conscious business owners, and we believe that what is meant for us, will come to us. With Digital marketing, branding and website development, there is no shortage of demand & supply in the world we live in. New business owners are born every day. Our personal thumb rule is to vet the intention behind the people we work with. Will the product or service they offer benefit the masses? Is it going to bring about a positive impact? If these two simple questions answer 'YES', inspiration will come naturally!

Our advice to others in our industry of work, pick your battles people! Work with conscious business owners that want to make a positive change on this planet. And if you’re looking to lighten the load? Reach out to us. At Greycat, we’re here to help. Digital marketing or graphic design; Social media marketing or website development, Greycat has got you.

We at Greycat live in a state of abundance and strongly identify with the moral 'if one person wins, we all win'. So let’s collaborate and build something meaningful!

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